What I have Written


The Crystal Tower: Edelix

My first novel

You can find it at amazon.com

What of the Old World? The Realm of the King that defied Death? The Worlds ruled by ancient Kings and Queens? The beasts that live where we do not look? The Worlds ruled by Evil Kings and Queens? The greatest Kingdoms that shame our cities? The God-like entity that knows the entire timeline, from beginning to end? The devastating forces of Chaos? The Heart of Darkness and the Heart of Light?

The story of Earth’s final days begins.

The darkness has awoken.

The battle within rages….

Alex must protect us, but the burden is too great, the darkness is too strong.

Alex must embark on a journey across an alien world, one where he will face danger, tragedy, deception. Friendships will be tested, love will ache in his heart. In the midst of his journey, he must face his fate, embrace his destiny. Our world will change, and it is up to Alex to find four crystals that can help protect our world, the universe and everything Alex holds most dear…


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