A Not So Calm Sunday

I like expectations to be met. Period. Ask me to do a job, and I will do it, just give me expectations. I fear when I am not given expectations, my work is but mediocre half-attempts. I need a clear direction, else distraction betrays my brain. It is who I am, it is a quality I cannot rid myself of, it is a misfortune, but over all, it is a blessing.

I say needing expectations is a misfortune because someone who needs expectations to meet what is needed is not someone who can say otherwise. Per say, someone who does not need expectations, yet goes well beyond what is expected. That person would rival any that stand in his/her way, because meeting expectations and delivering high above without clear purpose (expectation wise), is more adept than someone who needs expectations to meet. This is not to say that someone who needs expectations cannot exceed high above, but in this society, someone who does not need expectations delivered frequently is in better chance of getting above the rest, to get the job.  It is the way things are, thus, I say, needing expectations is a misfortune.

Now, I say needing expectations if a blessing because once my expectations are set, I know I will give my all to seeing purpose set to stone. I will do what is asked, and I will deliver. As expected or high above.

But this blog is not about expectations, rather, it is about this past Sunday, February 17, 2013. I expected a relaxed day, one I could use to further the cause, (one I will not deliberate! More on that to come…)

Anyway, I wanted to spend Sunday relaxed and doing some work that needs tending. I did neither. Instead, I survived through a chaotic, unorganized, spontaneous day. The way I say this is as if I had lived through the zombie apocalypse. I did not, but now touching the subject, I kind of want to do a “What I Would Pack for the Zombie Apocalypse” blog. Highly unoriginal, but it sounds fun!

Back on topic! I expected a day much different than the one I lived. I do not regret this day, in fact, it was quite entertaining. The way things work in life makes for an exciting existence. Nothing much happened on this day, but I liked it. Time spent with loved ones is cherished.

I look forward to chaotic days, they seem rather intriguing.

(Oh, and I know my introduction was a little dramatic, but I like it that way, it’s not much fun writing about one thing throughout. I would rather touch upon different topics, coherent topics mind you, but different none the less. Perhaps a way to say certain things is by saying them differently. I do hope it worked!)

As a final note, I want to talk further about expectations and work, I want to deliberate further. It will be done sometime in the future. I look forward to it!


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