An Urge To Write

            I see better with words.

            I’m a firm believer that words are a source of power. I don’t say it because I am a writer. Rather, I say this because I have witnessed. There have been many times words were used for power, many examples that lead one to see clearly why words are so influential. Take a president’s words to his country. They carry weight, they carry importance, and they carry power. If the president were to say “we go to war”, then we go to war. (Mind you, I am not stating I am a political genius, I am far from it, but it is an example that came to mind.) Yes, influential men can bring about the course of action, but his words will embolden our spirits, or crush them completely.

            There are countless examples through the course of time. Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln. This list is so diverse, made up of men and women, heroes, legacies, I could never finish this blog, and I have not even begun the topic.

            I have an urge to write. It is a desire that keeps me together. I need to write, it is as consuming as my need to feed. Somewhat dramatic, but true none the less. I find that without writing, I do not stimulate my mind, and it brings boredom, desperation and lack of appetite for anything.  I feel lost in a world of black.

            I love writing. But it was not always so. Back when I was kid, I was horrible at school. Surprisingly, I always had good grades, not the best, but good. It’s is comforting to know that I was not some idiot bound for nothing but trouble. Aside from self-pity, it did not begin with writing. I lived reading. The first chapter book I finished from beginning to end was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I read the book in Spanish, and I was captivated by what I read. I then read The Chamber of Secrets and The Prisoner of Azkaban, in Spanish. I loved those books. Anyway, I learnt English by watching Harry Potter but I won’t give the series all the credit. I actually learnt more from watching The Two Towers on VHS on a daily basis for almost a year.

            But that is another story, another topic.

            I began writing a while ago. I always had an aptitude for creative writing, and I fared well with writing in general. And for a long time, I thought about The Crystal Tower. I wanted to write what I had in my mind. I tried several time, and each was unsuccessful. But at last, I had the premise, and the catalyst. Together, they helped me write my story. But that is also another story.

            Nowadays, I read constantly, and I write constantly. There are occasions when I need to do other things, I am a human being, but for me, there is nothing better than to sit and read something, or write something. It is an urge that I must follow.


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