An Update!

This is a simple update, broken into several parts.

The first: When I wrote Elesliel part four, I neglected to focus entirely on editing, the reason being I have a most intriguing take that I want to tell, so I was unfocused. I regret it. there were some mistake, all of which have been corrected, so I apologize if you read the tale and found them, it is quite embarrassing to show errors, but at the same time, I am human and I am not an editor, I am a writer, first and foremost, the former comes second.  The fact that I was focusing on something else does not redeem the mistakes I made, it is an excuse, and I will not use excuses, no matter their validity in my mind, it is, and will always be, an excuse. (Yes, I am quite harsh on myself, but I am young and I need to learn, at whatever price.)

The second: I don’t believe I will post on Wednesday. There is no reason, I just wont. It does not mean that I won’t ever post on Wednesday, it is only this time.

The third: I will update all tales very soon to add drawings to them. I believe an artwork having to do with the tales will be a cool! I just need to get a better camera, which I can get very soon, I just need to finish the drawings.

The fourth: I will update the cover of The Crystal Tower: Edelix very soon. I want to post a concept on the fan page

I don’t believe I have other updates, but if I do, I will make sure to keep you updated!

Oh, yeah! Elesliel’s journey had not come to an end! No updates on that as of yet, but expect more in the future!


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