Prayers to Azurah

Warning: While this story is independent from the plot line of The Crystal Tower: Edelix, it is recommended reading the book first, HOWEVER, you do not need to read the book first to enjoy this short insight. Remember, the first goal for these stories is to broaden the world and the mythos, and the second goal is to add content to the book.

Many times she wondered what was the cause of her child’s death. When she gave birth to her most loved, the child died, never opening her eyes, or breathing a single breath. The pain of losing her daughter burned within her, it made her forget what else loved her. She forgot to love those that loved her, and in time, the ones that loved her forgot to lover her. She didn’t care for their love, though. Her love belonged only to her daughter, who now lived in paradise.

She walked outside her small hut. The ocean waves rolled over the soft sand, and washed away. A tear rolled down her cheek. Like every evening, she cried for the loss that had consumed her five years ago.

After countless nights of sorrow, she left everyone behind. She walked away from the Kingdom of Felia, and she never looked back. She came to find the ocean, and she built a small hut, where she lived for three years, alone, always remembering her dead daughter, wondering what she would become.

She made her way down to the ocean, allowing her feet to disappear under the warm waves of water. Her tears fell faster as she stood there, looking at the sunset.

She looked inside a pouch she carried hanging from her neck. From within, she took a blue crystal, whispered to Azurah, and lifted the crystal. The night let the light from the crystal shine bright. She knew Azurah was looking at her, acknowledging her because her crystal glowed bright. Only when Azurah looked did the crystal shine.

“My Goddess,” she began, he crying never ceasing, “Why did my daughter have to go? I can no longer bear the pain in my heart, it is too much. And for the first time, I have doubt about love. If I had not loved my husband, I would never have had my child, I would never have known the pain I now know. If love can destroy, why is love sought everywhere,” she fell to her knees, the water covering her legs. She stayed crying for an hour. The pain too much to bear.

She looked up, and found herself staring at the most beautiful woman. She donned a beautiful garment, her feet never touched the sand under the water.

“My child, your loss aches my hear. For five years, I have listened to your prayers, and until today, you never asked why it was she had to go. Her essence was weak, her pain too great. I took her to my kingdom to live a happy life, I took her to give her the opportunity she would never get here. The realm of mortals would have been her curse, and in time, she would have died. Now, however, I see my error. It was not my decision to make, it was yours. I never thought your pain would be as great, I only thought your pain would be worse if you held her for years in your arms, only to have her slip from your embrace, that, I could not allow. But it was your choice, and I never gave it to you. I am sorry.”

“My Goddess, you only had good intentions in your heart, for that I am thankful. And you are right, to have her slip from my grasp after years of having her in my embrace would have destroyed me. I thank you for allowing her an opportunity. The choice you made was the right one.”

Azurah smiled at the woman who knelt on the waves of the ocean. “Still, your pain aches my heart, and I wish to give you an opportunity. Come with me to my kingdom, leave this mortal realm behind and join me, so that you can be with your most loved.”

The woman looked at Azurah, she was crying rapidly, the tears in her eyes made her vision blurry. But what she was offered had been her greatest desire. She knew she no longer belonged in the realm of mortals, and knowing that, she accepted.

Azurah gave the woman her hand, and together they stood.

The lifeless body of the mother who lost her most loved fell into the water, a light shot into the sky, towards the Kingdom of Life.

Copyright 2013 by Javier Duenes. All rights reserved.


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