Barton Hallow review

If anything I play repeatedly, use repeatedly, eat repeatedly or do repeatedly, it is because I’m in love with said song, object, food or activity. And when I listen to an album countless times, it’s because I’m either borderline obsessed or just too lazy to change the album choice on my iPhone. And of the above, the former applies to me. I am borderline obsessed with The Civil Wars Barton Hallow album.

I discovered the album back when The Hunger Games came out. I heard Taylor Swift’s safe and sound and liked it, listening to it on repeat. I love Taylor Swift, and when I heard the background vocals, hunting and chilling, I loved the artist that had been featured alongside Taylor.

So, as any good ol’ American, I looked up The Civil Wars on Google. I was then lead to YouTube, where I heard Barton Hallow for the first time. I freaking loved it. I went into iTunes and purchased the album.

Even though I love the album, I would be as clueless as a cat trying to read Plato’s Republic. I wouldn’t be able to tell you the names of the duo that form The Civil Wars. All I know is the woman’s voice is beautiful, sometimes haunting, and definitely outstanding. The guy’s voice is equally impressive. And together, they make for a duo that I have never heard the likes of. But that’s just me, if you know duos like The Civil Wars, tell me, I would love to check them out!

Returning from my blatant sidetrack, I listened to the album, over and over and over and…well, you get the point. So, something that I play on repeat, I love, plain and simple.

Now, I must say, the album is a tad bit short. Regardless of length, I like almost every song. However, there is no song that I don’t like, it’s just I don’t listen to them as often as I do the rest. The main song I skip on occasion is The Violet Hour. Don’t get me wrong, the composition is cool, the melody somewhat sad, but Barton Hallow is all about the emotion.

The one song I play over and over is Falling. It’s sad. Recently though, I have been loving I Want You Back. I like the lyrics to all songs, with the exception of The Violet Hour, since there are no vocals.

I do want to point out the lyrics to To Whom it May Concern make little sense to me, I do understand them, and I do get the message and where they were headed with the lyrics, it’s just, well, me. I don’t get them even though I do. Maybe I’m just too complicated! Whatever!

20 years is one of my favorites in the album, not as close to my heart as I’ve Got This Friend, but close enough. C’est La Mort makes me want to cry, but I love that song. The vocals are top-notch.

Then we have My Father’s Father and Poison & Wine. Both excellent compositions. And Barton Hallow. If any song demonstrates the ability of both vocally, it’s Barton Hallow. The vocals are quite strong, and even though the message is quite dreary, I can’t help but get sucked in by the rhythm.

One of the earlier songs that I had on repeat was Girl With the Red Balloon. What can I say, I love balloons, well I used to. Hey I like Bloons Tower Defense! Maybe my love for balloons is still alive.

Birds of a Feather is quite a fun song, and who would go wrong with playing Dance Me To The End of Love at their weeding!

I really hope you revisit The Civil Wars Barton Hallow album if you have listened to it, and If this is the first time hearing about Barton Hallow, the I really do recommend you listen to it.

Anyway, I’m not one to listen to many genres of music, I stick with pop, alternative and mainstream, but what really drives me crazy are soundtracks. Videogame music is by far my favorite, followed close by movie soundtracks. More on those coming soon.


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