My Coffee Addiction

I read somewhere that an addiction is something to frown upon. But O Lord help me, I am ADDICTED to coffee! I don’t know what it is, the intoxicating smell, the sweetness, the sheer joy of having a cup of coffee! I love this stuff!

I remember drinking coffee for a very long time. If I tried to pinpoint my very first cup of coffee, I would fail. I do remember it was in Mexico, and back then, I used to hate coffee. I was used to drinking hot chocolate before going to elementary. Now thinking back, I clearly distinguish how it seemed so soft my mother’s hot chocolate was. It was like velvet liquid running down my tongue. The joy of drinking my hot chocolate readied me for what was to come.

And then, I don’t remember drinking hot chocolate anymore. Perhaps I can pinpoint the demise of my love for hot chocolate when I came back to Elgin, IL. Then, I didn’t fancy milk anymore, I grew to dislike it. So no more hot chocolate for me. I tried coffee, without any milk or any of that jazz. Only black coffee and a couple spoonful’s of sugar. I remember even now how bitter the taste was. I didn’t like it. So for a long time, it was juice and water for me, nothing else.

When I moved to Atlanta, GA, I tried coffee once again, with milk to rid the bitter flavor. I sort of enjoyed it, but not as much. The taste of milk was always there, and I did not like it, it made me gag on occasions.

That’s when I discovered sweetened condensed milk. a convenient companion to coffee. The taste of milk was gone, and the effort to make coffee was less that it had ever been. I no longer had to add sugar, it was already in the sweetened condensed milk.

And alas, my love blossomed!

And another aspect of drinking coffee, it was a short family reunion, where my mother, sister and I sat at the table and drank coffee, talking about everything and anything. It was fun.

The small tradition evolved, we bought a water dispenser, and no longer did we have to boil water, we could simply press a button and have hot water ready for coffee, the need for a coffee machine was no longer a need, it was an inconvenience. So, having such a fancy machine, we were joined by my mother’s sisters and their children. We all enjoyed coffee together, talked and enjoyed the company. That’s something you just can’t help but enjoy.

Now, however, for me, coffee is a routine that I can’t get rid of. I need coffee while writing, or before. I can’t concentrate as well for whatever reason.

So this is my coffee addiction. I don’t think it was ever about the coffee, but the time spent with my family, that’s the reason I enjoy coffee, it brings back those memories, sweet and joyful, like a cup of coffee.

I will digress, I want one of those fancy coffee machines where you put the little plastic cup with flavored coffee, and BAM you have a personal cup of coffee much to your liking. I think I’m going to get one!


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