A Pebble In My Road

Well, I am disappointed. I was looking around my dashboard at darknesselite.wordpress.com and stumbled upon pages. I thought I could make a separate page for blogs regarding the short stories set on the universe of The Crystal Tower, but either I can’t or I don’t know how to use the page as much as I would like to. Either or, I will continue to post blogs where they appear. It’s such a disappointment, however, that I couldn’t separate blogs from short stories, it would have made for a unique blog, and a more coherent order.

I WILL NOT DWELL ON THE NEGATIVES!!! No, I will look forward, a small pebble in my road will not make me fall!

As a side note, I noticed that Elesliel part one had a small error, I want to change it, nothing major, I am just changing the word “mace” for “staff”. The story, however, remains the same.

As a second side note… I will post new stories; however, I don’t have a set timeline for posting. I do want to be consistent, that is why I already have several other blogs that I want to share. I hope you are enjoying the content I am providing. Remember, I you like the content, hit the like button, subscribe to my blog and share with others. You can also follow me on twitter @jav1133r and @WorldEdelix. The Crystal Tower: Edelix Facebook Fan Page is facebook.com/TheCrystalTowerEdelix

Also, you can always ask for blogs on certain topics you would like my opinion on, I don’t have anything against suggestions!


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