ELESLIEL part one


Warning: While this story is independent from the plot line of The Crystal Tower: Edelix, it is recommended reading the book first, HOWEVER, you do not need to read the book first to enjoy this short insight. Remember, the first goal for these stories is to broaden the world and the mythos, and the second goal is to add content to the book.

Throughout the City of the Elves, uncertainty was evident in every pair of eyes that met his gaze. The sky had darkened ever since the king of Edelix had left on his quest to retrieve the four crystals of the queen. And the sky darkened further when lord Allain left for the Kingdom of Aladar. Yes, uncertainty was what clouded everyone’s eyes.

Not wanting to spend more time than needed outside, he quickly flashed his silver card to the woman that had sold him an intricate wizard’s staff at the Academy. He took one look at the magical weapon one last time and nodded his head, it was perfect.

Once he finished his ordeal, he put on his hood, warming him up noticeably, and walked outside to the bitter cold. Not once in his memory had he experienced such dreadful weather. And he was elf, in his early twenties, which was actually a long time, since he aged slower than human standard.

Regardless of his age, he could not think of a time, coming to the conclusion that never had he experienced such awful climate. And worst, it tempered slightly with his casting abilities. He shook his head in disgust and entered the Training Hall of the Academy.

It was late, so there were still trainees in the hall, following the instructions of their masters. Classes were always held at sunrise and before twilight. Those with the rare talent of dark magic trained after midnight. He had the talent, so his training always begun at midnight, but he had been summoned to come earlier by the High Mage Councilors, the elite group who ran the Academy. He frowned as he noticed a young boy casting a spell and bouncing off a wall, injuring several. He walked faster to his destination, leaving the Training Hall behind.

He walked down several corridors and into the dungeons, where he walked to a classroom down a very long corridor.

“Only a strong step could bring you here as fast as you did, Dr. Elesliel,” said a man sitting behind a large wooden desk, his eyes on the young elf that had entered.

“Master, you do not have to call me doctor here, I was your student after all, and I don’t like the title leaving the hospital,” said Elesliel.

“Ahhh, but you still call me master, even though you are no longer my student!” said the old man.

“I will always honor you, master, remember, you thought me all I know regarding magic and you wrote my recommendation for medical school, I owe you much more than I could ever hope to repay.”

“You owe me nothing, Elesliel, you were my top student, and I heard you even had the honor of attending to our king! I am very proud of you!”

“Thank you master, but it was nothing major, he was simply in stasis, he may not be fully elf, but he is our queen’s son, so he was bound to have some of her rare talents.”

“Indeed, Elesliel! So what brought you here this early, your classes do not begin until midnight, and are you not supposed to be at the University?”

“I actually arrived here later than I intended, I stopped to buy myself a new staff, my old crystal seems to be faltering some, so I thought a complete upgrade would be convenient. As for the University, I am excused. Anyway, I was summoned by the High Mage Councilors,” he said, frowning slightly at the mystery, “I came to see if you knew anything, but judging by your look, I doubt it.”

“You are correct, I do not know what they want with you, but it must be important, they do not just summon anyone without important reason.”

Elesliel nodded, looking over the features of his old teacher. He had aged since he had been his student, some wrinkles were starting to be more predominant, and his eyes were now less gleaming than they were before. Still, there was a slight youth to him, one most elves retained till they aged considerably.

“I guess I will make my way to the Councilors, I’m slightly curious as to what they want.”

The old man stood from behind his desk and made his way to Elesliel, giving him a hug, and accompanying his student to the door.

Elesliel made his way back up from the dungeons, smiling some at the fact that the City of Elves was quite advanced but they still had old dungeons at the Academy. A renovation would benefit the dungeons, because the rest of the Academy was renovated. But he quickly banished the idea, having old dungeons was slightly magical.

After several minutes of walking, he turned the last corner, arriving at the Councilor’s Hall. Two guards stood protecting the large, sliver door. The guards took one look at him and let him into the hall.

Never had he seen such a beautiful hall, thousands of books were stacked on bookshelves that covered much of the walls, the gold and crystal chandeliers that hung from the ceiling were spectacles all on their own. The movement of the sky painted on the ceiling. It was all very beautiful and breathtaking. How every inch was magical and educational was beyond inspiring. He felt a surge of power within him.

Thirteen cloaked figures stood over a large, black table that dominated much of the north of the room, the table stood a step over the floor Elesliel walked, and the councilors sat behind the large table, in intricate black crystal chairs.

They nodded towards Elesliel, and Elesliel gave a respectful bow.

“Elesliel, level eight warlock, Doctor at the Windsor Hospital, thank you for coming to meet with us,” said a male councilor, his voice a little raspy, but strong enough to be heard throughout the hall.

“I would never deny my presence to such high and esteemed witches and warlocks,” he replied, bowing once more before their presence.

“Perhaps we are high mages, but you are not so far behind, quite impressive you are a level eight spell caster yourself,” said another member of the councilors, a woman with dark skin.

“Thank you, however, I am wondering why I have been summoned.”

Another member sighed, this time a male mage. “Haste. Is there no way we can teach other elves that their lives are longer than humans. But still they haste, without the need…” he laughed, and the other council members laughed along with him.

Elesliel only managed a smile, wondering whether to feel embarrassed or not.

Finally, a member of the councilors saw his confusion and decided to speak. “Worry not, young elf, we are simply old and do appreciate time, but it just seems to us that others do so much in so little time when they can afford to spend more time than they actually do. But I guess you are not used to the idea, you do need to save lives, and time for you is of the essence. Regardless, we have summoned you here because we want to promote you. You see, after our king left the city, we knew the elves would assist the inevitable war that is to come, we need you as our primary health man.  We want you to travel to the Kingdom of Aladar and begin working with their doctors to set up an emergency clinic for our wounded soldiers. Who better than you to represent the Elvin Nation?”

Elesliel thought for a second. He then nodded slowly, agreeing. “I am honored to have been considered, and more honored to have been promoted. I will take the task and I will not disappoint. However, I need to ask permission to leave the city.”

“Our primary lord has left not long ago, as you know. Lord Allain will not be back soon, however, his second in command has agreed to allow you to travel outside the city. He also agrees having an emergency clinic with someone of your standing as our representing elf is most adequate. You will leave when you are ready. Our second in command has also agreed to allow two more to leave the city with you, and we have chosen, they are trained guards, level seven mages,” replied another councilor.

Elesliel frowned slightly, it would have been preferable for him if he had chosen his traveling companions. But the stern look on all councilors told him they were not willing to change their minds. “I will make haste, I do know of King Xious’ plans and his willingness to move fast.”

“Very well, come to the Councilor’s Hall when you have prepared, your two companions will also be ready,” said another member.

Elesliel bowed one last time and walked towards the door, which opened to let him out.

He was glad he had bought another wizard’s staff, he would need it if he was to travel to the Kingdom of Aladar. He was glad he would leave the City of Elves, he had always wondered what the Kingdom of Aladar was like.

To be continued…

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Copyright 2013 by Javier Duenes. All rights reserved.


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