While this post does not limit the type of content I wish to share, it is what to be expected from upcoming blog posts.

I imagine a blog that shares many common aspects with other blogs, but also a blog that strives for content much different than is shared throughout the web. The daunting task, therefore, is striving for that goal. Maybe daunting is a little too harsh, but knowing myself, my drive to do the best I can, can sometimes push me over the edge.

So what can be expected? It is a plethora of options, endless possibilities, but most importantly, I want to further expand the universe I have created. So many details had to be removed, so many incidents throughout the world, Edelix.

Now, I am all for reading an eight hundred page book, but some might not want to do so. So in the best interest for readers, I cut some material out, nothing major, just things that did not have relevance or were of consequence to the main plot-line. Granted, these further insights will most definitely be fun reads and interesting all on their own.

Other blogs will relate more to my Mythos, The Evolution of Darkness. When I came up with this world, with this universe, I knew a simple mythology wouldn’t be enough, and enough would never satisfy me to the point where I could stand back and be glad. No, so much is out there, what better way to share it than through a mythos, through the idea that Darkness is ever evolving, ever changing. All of a sudden, no more was my universe concerning a mythology, but a gathering of different myths, all combined to one mythos, The Evolution of Darkness.

So, to further showcase Edelix, the universe, and everything in between, I want to share these insights with all who want to know a little more.

Apart from the mythos, I want to share other ideas, other insights, both personal and relating to others. I want to share my opinions, and I want to hear other opinions, a debate is always a good mental stimulant! There will be reviews, because hey, one of my favorite ways to waste my time is plying video-games, (although I will digress, I have not played console games in such a long time, I fear I lost my competitive touch!), there will be reviews regarding movies, and of course, literary works.

So all of these insights can be expected out of this blog, I hope you indulge in what is to come, I hope you enjoy the content, I do try my best. Regardless, I look forward to sharing.

And just as a side note, just to fully clarify, I again state, this in no way limits the type of content to come, I am always thinking of new ideas, and some may very well end up here!


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